October Round-up

James WarrackMonthly update

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A lot of October has been spent dealing with requests from our early adopters and upgrading the build system for code development. The two main feature releases that have come out are: Now, you have the ability to add as many authorisers as you wish for each of your contractors. Some contractors have more than one authoriser at the client … Read More

Month 2 Roundup

James WarrackMonthly update

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Browser logos from github.com/alrra/browser-logos Our second month has been a busy one and we’ve been making some great progress. Mostly, this has been in background areas that nobody will ever notice because they are about stability, future proofing and security… All very important though! Having said that, we were able to push out a few nice changes… Whilst we had … Read More

What a great first full month!

James WarrackMonthly update

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It’s been our first full month in live operation and we couldn’t be happier. In terms of users, we have: Got our Alpha testers up and running without any hitches. We’ve officially moved into the beta stage. This means that the system is now open to more agencies and there’s the added perk of an ongoing 50% early adopters discount … Read More