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4 Credits/Week

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4 Free Credits/Week*

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Single Branch


4 Free Credits/Week*

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What does a credit get you?

It’s simple.
1 Credit covers 1 contractor for 1 week (between Monday and Sunday).
This can be 1 time entry for 1 of your clients or it can be 20 time entries for 20 clients.
It will always just use up 1 credit for that contractor on that week.

Some example cases

Scenario 1

John owns a recruitment consultancy which mostly deals with permanent placements but he has 2 consultants who are on a contractual basis.

He doesn’t need to pay anything!

Scenario 2

Sue runs a very small agency with 5 contractors.

The first 4 will be free but the fifth will use up 1 credit per week meaning that she may wish to go for the Boutique package and it should last about a year.

Scenario 3

Richard owns a relatively large recruitment firm with an average of 70 contractors on any given week.

As with the previous examples, he will still have 4 free credits per week so he needs to take into account 66 contractors and will probably want to purchase a Multi Branch package every 5-6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

One credit is used for any contractor who has submitted at least one timesheet in any given week.
If you have an agency that sends one contractor to lots of different clients, no problem, you will only be charged one credit for each week that the contractor works no matter how many clients he or she works for.
Purchased credits last for 3 years.
Your 4 free credits are refreshed each week. They don’t accumulate but they can be retrospectively used. For example, if you ask contractors to submit their timesheets once per month, they can use credits from 4 weeks ago. But once they are used, they are used.

Note: Credits do not roll over. If its just been Christmas and nobody worked the previous week and you have 8 contractors, the next weeks work will use up 4 free credits and 4 paid-for credits.

No of course not, this isn’t 2001.

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