Pricing model change

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Online timesheet pricing

We’ve got good and bad news

Ok, so the bad news isn’t really that bad, it’s just a change to the way things are being done and, I’m afraid, we’ve ditched the free pricing level. BUT there is lots of good news.


We’ve been speaking with lots of recruitment agencies over the last year and the feedback has been great but with one main problem, you guys didn’t seem to understand the pricing model without reading into it and that’s perfectly reasonable. We were trying to make it fair for everybody at every level.

New price points

The new pricing has meant that there is a huge bonus here as prices now start from just 62p per contractor per week (50p for a limited time on the taster level). This makes us the cheapest on the market!

Clarity on timesheet costs

The thing with pricing models is that there are very few (we couldn’t actually think of any) that didn’t have one drawback or another but the new one, we feel has the biggest benefit of being understandable with just a quick glance. If you have 5, 25 or 75 contractors, you know what it will cost and that cost is fixed each month within a certain number of contractors.

So, what are your thoughts on this? We find business pricing strategy is fascinating and a science within itself and it’s always interesting to hear other business owners experience of how they do things. So if you’d like to talk shop on the subject, then please do get in touch.